Considering Kapwing For Your Classroom

What is Kapwing? 

Kapwing is a video editor for classrooms and schools. Our suite of tools includes a montage maker, a subtitler, a popular meme maker, filters, sound effects, and more. 

Why Use Kapwing in your Classroom?

If you’re still wondering why Kapwing would be a good fit as a tool in your classroom, consider some of the reasons it can benefit you and your students: 

  1. It works on any device, phone or computer, Chromebook/Windows/Mac. You and your students can use it at school and at home.
  2. It’s free!
  3. You don’t need to register or sign in to use it.
  4. You don’t need to install or update any software (no admin permission needed).
  5. It works well with Google Drive, Classroom, and YouTube.
  6. It’s extremely simple: We designed this software so that even a second grader can quickly intuit how to use our features.
  7. There are no ads or recommended videos that can distract children or show inappropriate content.

It’s collaborative! We are constantly looking for new ways to help people work together on Kapwing. One great feature (link sharing) allows you to share an editable video or image directly with anyone!




Here are some things to consider about safety when using Kapwing in the classroom: 

  • Kapwing is an online tool, meaning students must access the internet to use it. While the internet can be an amazing learning tool in the classroom, we also know there can be distracting and inappropriate material for students on some internet pages. We recommend limiting access to teacher approved sites.
  • No advertisements or links to other sites. While on the Kapwing website, the only thing you and your students will see is the content you’re creating. There will never be distracting advertisements or links leading to other sites in our tools.  
  • We use image search. One of our favorite tools is an embedded image search, allowing you to search for an image of anything and immediately add it to your creation without having to travel to a different website to do so. However, these images are sourced from the internet, and we do not currently have a filter when users interact with our image search. We are working on creating a filter to screen for school-appropriate images.     


You can read our full privacy policy here. We understand that student privacy is a big concern in the classroom, here is the privacy information we think is most relevant to student usage of our product:  

  • You need to have a Google Account to sign in on Kapwing. This means that individuals under the age of 13 cannot create a Kapwing account unless they have parental permission or a Google account with their school district. If students are using an account associated with their school district, teachers and administrators automatically have access to a student’s Kapwing account. 
  • All creations are “public” without a paid Kapwing account. This means that any image or video made by a user on Kapwing, even if they have a free account, is accessible to anyone with the sharing link (it is like a Google Document that has link sharing enabled). While this can be an awesome tool for students to share their work with each other and their teacher, it is something to remember when using Kapwing. 
  • We work with educators and parents to assure student account safety. Parents may also ask us to cease further collection of personal information from their children, or delete, the personal information we have collected online from their children, in which case, the child's account will be deleted. 

Payment Plans

Right now Kapwing is free for anyone to make watermark-free content as long as they have an account. Our Pro Plan ($20 a month per workspace) adds infinite storage time and makes all content private unless the link is released by the user. We are currently working on creating a pricing plan that is discounted for classrooms and school districts, and we want to make sure that all educators are able to use our tools in the classroom. 


If you’re interested in upgrading your classroom or school district to Kapwing Pro, please contact us! We’ll help work to find an individual plan that fits your needs as well as the needs of your students. 

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