Upload a link

To upload an image / video with a URL

You can paste the URL of a video, GIF, song, or image (eg. YouTube, Google Drive, Facebook, SoundCloud) to import it into Kapwing. Linked content must be public or shareable. Make sure you have opened link sharing permissions so that Kapwing can import your file. If your link is not supported, you will receive an error message.

1. Copy the URL for the image / video

2. Paste URL into the given bar on each tool

3. Video should automatically load onto platform. 

4. Once the video has uploaded completely, you can create your content! 

We do not yet support imports from all websites. Have a website you want to import from that Kapwing doesn’t support? Let us know at hello@kapwing.com.

The maximum upload size on Kapwing is 500mb for free users and 1gb for paid users.
Videos over 40 minutes cannot be processed on Kapwing.



We are working on improving our help resources. If you would like to provide feedback, please email hello@kapwing.com.

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